Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Beaded Bag

For six years now (yes, six) I have been working on this beaded bag.  I started it in a very dark time in my life.  I had just been very unexpectedly laid off during a very low time in our economy and, although I had applied for many, many positions in the last month, I hadn't received so much as a call back, so I decided to start this large project right then.

As a free-form piece, it sometimes spoke to me for days, and I would work on it, and then there were months where I didn't touch it at all, and I seem to recall a time or two when I didn't even know where it was.  I know, it's shameful, but there it is.

I have at least 200 hours into it so far, and I may have another 200 to go for all I know.  Right now I'm concentrating on finishing up the back, bottom edge, now that it's on the form, and the sides,  which I won't be able to heavily bead, as they need to cave in for the purse to close.  Once those things are finished, I will give the two straps a thought.  There is a long, fixed strap , and a detachable handle as well.  We shall see when they speak to me ;)

In the meantime, here are some updated pictures of where it stands now.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Hello and Welcome Everyone!

My name is Megan Savors, and I am a jewelry and accessories designer and self-proclaimed Multi-Crafter who owns a cyber Bead Shop called The Peacock Shop (or Peacock Bead Shop depending).  I actually run two different Etsy shops:  one for my finished jewelry, and one for beads and crafting supplies.

The purpose of this blog is to have an outlet for showing off my designs, and presenting the new beads available in my shop, as well as offering my thoughts on neat designs and craft supplies.  Please bear with my while I get things started.

 In the meantime, you can visit my finished work site at

and my bead site at